The different worlds of work, yesterday and today

Monotonous types of jobs have always existed and still do today - just think of working at the assembly line as a major factor of early industrialisation. In so far you may think that RSI is just one of many ailments caused by an overload of repetitive movements.

80.000 strokes per day

Yet, RSI is different: Experienced office workers who are found sitting at the 20 million of VDU work stations all over Germany can reach a total of up to 80.000 strokes per day – an extreme demand on the fingers although or because the individual movement does not require a lot of pressure. In addition, thousands of one-finger mouse clicks are exerted each day. And even though the job done by a factory worker one hundred years ago may have been exhausting: At least he did not spend all day in a sitting position, a position that today has to be made accountable for the severity of the RSI symptoms.

Factor Stress

Most likely stress was a factor to be reckoned with in former times, too. But if you take such terms as the pressure to perform or else the meritocracy you will be confronted with some new dimensions, with RSI being to some extent created in your mind -following the motto: I'd rather suffer than lose my job.