[Keine Beschreibung eingegeben]One-sided, wrong positions creating strain especially in connection with operating a „traditional“ mouse may lead to a variety of painful phenomena that are subsumed under the term of RSI syndrome. When doing your everyday job at the computer, these ailments are created in particular by positioning the arm in an unergonomic way, affecting above all the knuckles, elbows, and the shoulders.
An alternative are the mouse-free entering devices. They are charcterised by providing an ergonomic way of working quasi automatically. It is no exaggeration to call working at the PC without using the traditional mouse a revolution.

Short description: the Contour RollerMouse

[Keine Beschreibung eingegeben]The concept of the RollerMouse made by ContourDesign is a simple one: The aim is to avoid as many of the wrong positions that in the long run create problems in particular of the musculature. The RollerMouse is conveniently placed in front of the keyboard and can easily be operated by means of a rolling wand using all 10 fingers, ruling out the necessity to lift the hands.


[Keine Beschreibung eingegeben]Gentle movements of the fingers will suffice to move the cursor with the help of a rolling wand with great precision. A click function, too, is integrated. In addition, there are five configurable keys and a rolling wheel with a click function. As a standard, the lower key is pre-programmed for unhealthy double click purposes, all keys can be adjusted according to the individual user`s needs.


Short description: the Mousetrapper

[Keine Beschreibung eingegeben]The Mousetrapper is a rolling band, format 6 x 8 centimeter, the so-called Roller Pad Steering (RPS)system. It can be worked with both hands, in a two dimensional and extremely precise way with the fingers. The click function is at your disposal all over the band. The RPS, too, can be conveniently placed in front of the keyboard in use.
With the model Mousetrapper Advance the five commanding keys can be programmed in any way thus adopting to all needs on the user`s part.