New findings concerning an old problem

Mouse arm, tennis arm, RSI syndrome – what ever you may call the arm on strike and the tense shoulders – is THE disease among office workers along with the equally widely spread back pain. Below you will find some information concerning RSI (short for "repetitive strain injury") that show you how to deal with the ailment. In case you already suffer from RSI: Do not take RSI as a fate you have to accept! There are a number of solutions – see for yourself travelling through this website!

If you are an RSI specialist: Please help us add new findings to this site whenever something new comes up! We would appreciate getting your expert support. Let us join our activities in this field – let us work in favour of a healthy way of working at the office, and find a way to ward off the RSI syndrome. Stay in touch with us and the topic of RSI. You can book our newsletter under!