In order to reduce the acute RSI symptoms pain killers or a medicine against rheumatic pain are used, warmth and cold treatments along with physiotherapy are the remedy at hand. Operations are performed which bring about some short-term improvement, however, they could lead to a weakening of the musculature. Psychotherapy is used in order to help the affected people find a way out of their often depressed mood, improving their willingness to change old habits and allowing them to deal with the inflicted pain in a more adequate manner.

Before the patient is being treated a thorough examination is of the essence in order to rule out other diseases and to be able to come up with a therapeutic concept that is based on the individual needs of the patient. Finding the right doctor remains the patient's task. Go ahead and ask the doctor of your choice if she/he provides of any experiences with the RSI syndrome, and do not forget to point to the correlation between the ailment and your professional activities.