You can do better than that

The idea is simple, and its implementation is worked out to the last detail: The Danish manufacturer Contour Design concentrates his activities on developing alternatives to the traditional mouse that save the user from having to exert all those positions and movements that lead to the well-known ailments and pains of writing in an ideal way. The result is called the RollerMouse, a mouse that is integrated into the front of the keyboard, a device that today is applied by more than 250.000 happy users Scandinavia-wide. As a pointing device a rolling wand is used that can be operated by using either one or more finger(s). A total of five keys to be pre-programmed along with a rolling wheel adorned with a clicking function make it possible to write without having to change the position of your hands. Soft pads to support your wrists allow for a relaxation of your arms and shoulders.


[Keine Beschreibung eingegeben]The „standing-up“ keyboard

Although you may find it a bit difficult to get used to its design its ergonomic benefits are striking: The keyboard SafeType, a product developed by Dutch company ErgoType, is vertically oriented and allows the hands to take an anatomically neutral position thus reducing the strain exerted on the muscles considerably. As a logical follow-up model to the divided keyboards that at least abolished the necessity to bend your wrists sideways the Dutch company simply put the keyboard on its transverse side. This results in your forearms no longer having to be turned inwards but taking a relaxed position with the blood circulating freely. The only condition to use this device is being able to use the 10 finger typing system since the keys are not visible while typing. To that end, the manufacturer offers specific typing classes.


The vertical mouse

A nice addition comes in the shape of the vertical mouse, „E-Quill-AirO2bic“, allowing your hand to rest without twisting or getting tense, so that you can work in a relaxed and next to pressure-free way. As opposed to using the traditional mouse using does away with your wrist having to remain in a permanently twisted position; instead, your elbows and forearms will be relaxed, and the pressure on your shoulder joint will be reduced.