You do a lot of hand-writing or drawing using pen and paper? Splendid – because this makes a welcome change! But only on the condition that you do not squeeze your paper into one corner of your desk right in front of the keyboard, but take a sensible position when doing any hand-written work warding off any pain occurring in the region of your lumbar vertebrae, your neck, shoulder, and your hand.

Ideal is a slanted worktable- by using it you almost automatically sit upright. A high desk with a surface that is bent forwards is the right working utensil allowing you to shift positions - and if you write in a sitting position make sure to get a slanted surface by using a specially created padding.

The most important aspects for an ergonomically sound way of hand-writing are these:

  • A slanted surface (the simplest method: use an additional padding) reduces the strain on your hands, arms, and shoulders.
  • Get an ergonomics expert to scrutinise your workplace.
  • Make sure to create a friendly working atmosphere with adequate lighting.
  • Strengthen your back musculature by varying your position between sitting and working at a high desk.
  • Do not forget: The best sitting position is your next sitting position!