However flexible and modern a laptop computer may be: It cannot be regarded as a substitute for a „proper“ desktop computer from an ergonomic point of view – apart from it being prohibited as a permanent work utensil for employees according to the European regulation 90/270-EEC.

There is nothing wrong with writing the occasional note at your laptop computer - but anyone who uses his portable computer day in day out should place the emphasis on the right distance to the screen – otherwise you are bound to end up in pain caused by the wrong sitting position! The following aspects should by all means be taken into consideration when using a laptop computer:

  • distance eyes – monitor: 40 to 50 centimetre.
  • Make use of an external keyboard and an intelligent, ergonomic mouse.
  • Arm rests are a good means of reducing the strain exerted on your shoulder and neck, acting as a preventive measure against the RSI syndrome.
  • The height of the monitor should be adjusted by using a laptop rack.
  • An ergonomics expert should be consulted scrutinising your workplace.