Better be safe than sorry

The best method of fighting a mouse arm is its prevention. Below, you will find some tips as to how to avoid this ailment effectively:

  • The ergonomic workplace
  • In order not to forget about the breaks needed make use of some helpful software that not only reminds you (when) to get up, stretch and relax. In addition, you will get some advice concerning a fast to do, in-between training helping you to relax your neck, your eyes, or shoulders. Free download:
  • Try to vary your position as often as possible, e.g. by making phone calls standing up.
  • Try to avoid stereotypical movements stretching for hours, by e.g. varying the use of the mouse and the keyboard, or else by occasionally working the mouse with your left hand.

  • Try to avoid using the scrolling device if you can.
  • Try to remember not to twist the joint of the hand that works the mouse, and placing your forearm in a loose position on the desk.
  • Moving/sports in your spare time
  • Learning a relaxation technique