A variety of symptoms

Your finger does a high power job but in most cases the pain will occur at a different place. Quite appropriately, the RSI syndrome is known under the name of „mouse arm“. The abbreviation RSI is short for the English term "repetitive strain injury". In many cases, the first sign is not so much an actual pain but rather a „strange feeling“ in the shape of short-term loss of strength or else a tingling sensation in your arm, first signs of the mouse arm showing it is on its way. In case the strain persists, muscle cramps and a proper pain will ensue – initially only at or right after work but at a later stage even when relaxing.

The pain noted refers to the muscles and sinews that work the „click finger“ thousands of times in a given day – affecting any place between your elbows and your finger tips. Once the RSI syndrome has become chronic even in phases where the hands relax, for instance when being on holidays, the pain will not disappear, and the symptoms may occur at regular intervals unexpectedly.

By the way: Head aches, impaired sight and tensions of the neck and shoulders can be symptoms of RSI – in any case they are a sign of an un-ergonomic working position that may promote the onset of the mouse arm, too.