How we get sick by clicking our mouse

Ergonomischer ArbeitsplatzThousands of mouse clicks performed each day, exerted in the same sitting position taken at your desk, for decades on end – it is all too clear that this will lead to pain. The medical profession tries to subsume this "Repetitive Strain Injury", in short RSI syndrome, yet it comes in a variety of disguises, among them a weakness of the arm, immobile joints of the fingers or else a persistent pain of the neck and shoulder.

Faster, better...

The „mouse arm“ is a typical symptom of our modern world of work - modern work forces have to be faster, better and more and more specialised in order to be able to work at the machines, if they want to have a chance to be successful in today's competitive world. But in the long run the human body refuses to „function“ in this manner – which results in the well-known follow-up ailments such as back ache, tinnitus or even a complete burn-out.

RSI is one part of these ailments, with pain killers, physiotherapy or an operation being an immediate means of warding off the symptoms, yet proving to be counter-active pretty soon if the cause underlying the pain is not abolished. And this spells: Work differently, work in a better way. Work at an ergonomically sensible workplace whose strength we can profit from. And in addition, work with the right attitude towards your job that does not make you sick.